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Mardi Gras is a Cape Town based Costume & Dress Hire business founded in 1998. We are very proud of our excellent track record and have hundreds of satisfied clients who left the shop with the perfect outfit for their occasion.

The 2016 AfrikaBurn Costume Experience

Dressing up at AfrikaBurn is just as important as going to AfrikaBurn to begin with. Self expression is the order of the day and no matter what you looked like, anything goes...

This year's theme is X: the Roman numeral that signifies the number 10, and the letter X that represents an open signifier. It's a time for both a backward reflection and an imagining of possibilities and futures...

That's a pretty broad theme and this is where the radical self-expression comes in. Quite literally, anything goes. Some people dress up like plants, animals, creatures, and others dressed down into... well, nothing. If there's anything that you've always kinda wanted to explore, now is the time. It's also lots of fun to make plans with a group of friends to get your costumes ready; and getting your outfit together is a great way to get into the AfrikaBurn headspace before you actually arrive.

For those not in the know, AfrikaBurn is an art festival that happens every year in the Tankwa Karoo. It's inspired by Burning Man, a festival in Black Rock Desert where every year, 50 000 people construct a temporary city built on a few core values: self-expression, self-reliance, and fun. Our African version is only a fraction of this size, but is true to the original theme.

So let us help you pick out the perfect costume for this life changing event!

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